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In Russia, President Putin decides who is on the ballot. Here in South Carolina it appears a secret vote from a backroom committee decides. Recently, in an illegal move that has now been challenged in court, the executive committee of the SC GOP cancelled the South Carolina presidential primary. Despite the fact that there are currently three nationally recognized candidates other than the President. We deserve to have that vote back.

It appears this was either an act of servile bootlicking loyalty to Trump, or a simple act of intimidation from the President’s campaign. One other possibility, which will hopefully be disclosed in court, is that the GOP is so worried about such a reckless and unreliable candidate, that they wish to rig the system before he goes off the rails. Senator Lindsey Graham, the President’s chief bootlicker, is of course on board with this stolen primary.

We are limiting our freedom and liberty by allowing President Trump and SC GOP Chairman McKissick to determine whether he has competition or not.

This is not just a local political issue, this is a moral issue. Do we, as a country, want to limit our freedom, prevent people from voting, have our candidates and elected officers determined by back room deals? Because eliminating primaries is the beginning of that. This is the swamp I am fighting against: a political elite, where characters like Senators Lindsey Graham desire a rigged system with insiders and elite donors because it helps them the most. This new aristocracy believes that they are the Sun Kings and we are the peasants. And that democracy, really, is an inconvenience.

As America moves forward, so should our freedoms be expanded. People should determine our outcomes, not politicians.

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