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Recent revelations that Russian money has made its way, laundered through clients of Rudy Giuliani’s, to our politicians is no surprise. It appears that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy were guilty of accepting this money. I’m sure there will be no repercussions. It looks like they will be ‘giving the money back’ though to who I don’t know. The money isn’t really the same money. They used that money in the campaign, to win their campaigns. The money was spent. Now that they have more money from guys like Joe from Idaho they can send his money back to Russia. Not so good for our poor Joe, who was only trying to be civic-minded. But, who is kidding whom? The repaid money probably comes from some other SuperPac-lobbyist-bundled-Party-campaign war chest. Who knows?

There is a problem at the heart of our democracy and it is ego. The original sin is not money. The origins of this mess are the vain people who want to ‘be somebody’. When you want to be a Senator Graham so bad you will raise a lot of money to do that. This is where the corruption starts. The money from corporate PACs is not civic-minded. It’s an investment. And those people expect a return on their investment. This is why we can’t control the cost of drugs while every other country can.

If you want to get money out of politics you have to get the people like Lindsey Graham out. And replace them with people who just want to serve their time and go. Isn’t it enough just to serve your country?

There will be no lobster tails and jumbo shrimp at my fundraisers. Why? Because there will be no fundraisers. I will neither attend nor organize any. And I will bring in an ethics rule: Senators will not be allowed to fundraise in Washington D.C. during the work week. That time is for your constituents, not for you to get bags of bundled cash from some lobbyist. Not for sipping chardonnay with your donors. While Senator Graham hobnobs with the elite in the Hamptons, I’ll be on the ground talking to folks in Hampton county. While his campaign throws parties for the Hollywood royalty in Beverly Hills, I’ll be here in Hollywood, South Carolina. While he’s golfing with more donors for his next election, I’m just working.

The founding fathers would be ashamed at the petty aristocracy we have installed at the heart of our democracy. The grubby wheedling Lords and Ladies of Washington, snouts in the trough, begging for money. Don’t you think it’s time we changed that? I know everyone says, ‘But you’re just one guy, Joe.’ The difference is, I’m a leader. They aren’t. They just need someone to show them the way. Let’s do this.

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