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The President and his team are denying access to a whistleblower report that lawfully should be provided to Congress. There is also a transcript of a phone call, or multiple phone calls, in which the President spoke to the Ukrainian Prime Minister about Joe Biden. Currently, we haven’t been able to determine the nature of this information due to administration stonewalling.

As your Senator I would work to make Congress what it should be: a co-equal branch of government with legitimate duties and responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is oversight. I understand American weary of continual investigation, but this administration has a poor history of cooperation. Article 1 of our Constitution gives the legislative branch much power. This power we have squandered over the years to judges and presidents. It’s time we were a separate branch.

The US system is not parliamentary. We are not like Canada or the UK. Senators do not owe their allegiance to presidents, or candidates. Or even parties. Senators owe their allegiance to the citizens of their states, and to the Constitution. Lindsey Graham has become like a deputy prime minister, working from a constitution that has been imagined. It is time we reclaimed our founders’ Constitution, and our legislative independence. The President is not my boss. You are.

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