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There is a disconnect between our United States legislators and our local community. The citizens already know what they want – a ban on offshore drilling. Governor McMaster supports this ban, state legislators have made it more difficult for drilling, and Rep. Joe Cunningham has had his offshore drilling ban approved in the House of Representatives.

Now we only need Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham to pressure Mitch McConnell to bring the vote. But all we get from them is mumbling. If there is no pressure on McConnell – and Senator Graham’s tepid answers seem to affirm this – then the bill will never come to a vote.

We have a unique opportunity to put this bill on the President’s desk. We used to have a Senate that was brave enough to do this. Now all we have are some fools wandering the halls with nothing to do but ask what’s for lunch. We need Senators who have a vision, and have boldness and courage. Instead we have people who just want to keep their job.

If you want an offshore drilling ban I will support this measure and keep the pressure on Mitch McConnell and the Senate. I don’t care about a career in the Senate. That frees me up to make bold decisions. Lindsey Graham will only do what is best for Lindsey Graham.

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