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There is a lack of accountability in Washington. We have racked up a $23 trillion debt, and no one is really paying attention. Last year, the interest on our debt went up 15%. In just over three years, the interest on our debt will be as large as the budget of the Defense Department.

A few years later it will be $1 trillion each year.

We could use that $1 trillion on roads and bridges. We could use it to repair and maintain our floodworks and drain systems. We could use it to cure cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. But instead, it’s already spent. What did we really get?

Last year our revenue increased 3.8%. But the Department of Defense budget went up 8.8%. Other spending went up 7.2%. It’s like we get a $2000 bonus at the end of the year, but we go out and buy a $3000 boat. You and I know that isn’t sensible, but our politicians don’t.

We can’t keep spending more than the revenue we take in. If our non-payroll tax revenue goes up 3% then we should only raise both defense and non-defense budgets by 2%. After many years of this, we will be able to reduce our debt back to something sensible.

When any politician is asked about the budget problems, the other side is blamed. The President’s administration will blame Congress. Defense hawks will blame food stamps. Health care advocates will blame defense hawks.

When Lindsey Graham first got into office the debt was $5trillion. Manageable. He’s still there and it is $23 trillion and he says it isn’t his fault. Guess what? It is.

When I take office as a US Senator from South Carolina. I will take complete responsibility for our rotten finances. And with that responsibility will come hard choices. Since I am only running for one term I will have the ability to make those hard choices.

Do you want another six years of Lindsey Graham ducking the tough calls?

Or do you want a person experienced and hardened by making tough calls his whole career? When I’m out at sea, there is no one to blame. We either fix it, or we sink. Right now Lindsey Graham is sinking our nation. We will be suffering the consequences for the next 30 years.

I’m Joe Reynolds. And I’m willing to do the hard work. Lindsey isn’t.

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