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This is a fast moving story, and sometimes we have trouble hanging onto the important threads of it.

So far.

1. President tweets that members of ‘the Squad’, a group of four progressive, leftist female congresswomen should go back to their country of origin. Three of the women were born here. One came here as a child. Lindsey Graham defends President. Makes claim that the women are communists. Code for ‘they deserve it’.

2. President attends rally where chants of, ‘Send her back!’ are heard regarding Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. President does not encourage the chants, but does not ask that they stop. Lindsey Graham defends President, in fact also creates a rationalized dodge of it all by saying it is like chanting, ‘Love it or leave it.’

Let me be clear. If you would be ashamed to hear your kid say it, then it is not ok. If you were called by the school principle to come pick up your kid after they had yelled, ‘Go back to CHINA!’ or ‘Go back to CUBA!’ to some other kid, you would rightly be horrified. You would tell your child it is not right to do this. The same goes for the President.

Lindsey Graham has taken a position that goes something like this: the President is popular, so I am going to support the President no matter what in order to get re-elected. When all you care about is yourself and your re-election, then this is what the country gets. Don’t we deserve better than this?

Lindsey Graham is no John McCain, is he? John McCain was a leader. Lindsey Graham is not.

We need a Senator from South Carolina who you can look up to. Someone who is going to do the right thing for the right reason. Not someone just looking to appeal to a base of support during primary season.

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