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Ethics Rule 1

Members of the Senate may neither solicit nor receive any funds for any campaign for election of any officer for any office while the Senate is in session. Nor may the member solicit or receive any funds for general campaign use by any organization or political action fund or committee.

Members may solicit funds only during expected non-legislative periods (days that the Senate will not be in session; pro forma sessions do not apply). 

Purpose of Ethics Rule 1

A session of the Senate is designed so that members may be active in doing the work of their constituents, not their own personal campaigns.

Incumbents may believe this will limit their ability to compete against challengers. Too bad.

The rule is not designed so that Senators’ campaign staff are not allowed to solicit funds.

Senators may now enjoy the freedom of working with fellow members and directing their attentions to the nation’s business, not their campaign business.

Ethics Rule 2

No member may solicit or receive any contributions to any campaign or political committee while in the District of Columbia. No member may engage in any activity in the District of Columbia in which funds are being solicited or received.

Purpose of Ethics Rule 2

This is an added inconvenience to Senators. They must leave the District in order to solicit funds. This is not to prevent any activity in the District, just to prevent members from engaging in it. Where one ethics rule won’t bother them, two ethics rules might. This is our nation’s capital. We should preserve some dignity for it.