I’m running against Lindsey Graham

Hello, South Carolina. My name is Joe Reynolds. I am a graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy, and I am a licensed Chief Engineer on oceangoing vessels. For over thirty years I’ve sailed all over the world. It has been my honor and privilege to bring heavy equipment – everything from Abrams tanks to […]

Oath of Office

When someone enters Congress they swear an oath. That oath is below. I have decided to write an additional oath. I will swear this after swearing my oath of office. I will have a judge, and a Bible, and swear this oath. The citizens of South Carolina deserve something better. Someone who wants to serve […]

There Will Be no Lobster Tails & Jumbo Shrimp At My Fundraisers.

Recent revelations that Russian money has made its way, laundered through clients of Rudy Giuliani’s, to our politicians is no surprise. It appears that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy were guilty of accepting this money. I’m sure there will be no repercussions. It looks like they will be ‘giving the […]

Do you Support Trump?

People often ask me, ‘Do you support Trump?’ And when I pause they will bark, ‘It’s a simple question!’ But what the question they are asking implies is, ‘Do you pledge blind loyalty to our leader,’ or, ‘Will you put this scoundrel in jail?’ I would like to propose that this is a category error. […]

Why elections matter

In Russia, President Putin decides who is on the ballot. Here in South Carolina it appears a secret vote from a backroom committee decides. Recently, in an illegal move that has now been challenged in court, the executive committee of the SC GOP cancelled the South Carolina presidential primary. Despite the fact that there are […]