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Joe Reynolds is the oldest of four children. His Dad served in the US Coast Guard and became a high school English teacher, receiving aid for his education through the GI bill. Joe’s Mom worked nights to help make ends meet. With not much money available for college, Joe needed to find a solution to achieve his higher education goals. A federal service academy was his answer, though it would be a competitive process. He secured one of only two nominations from his state’s US Senator and was accepted into the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point. In 1987 he graduated with a degree in Marine Engineering and continues to live by the USMMA motto: ‘Acta non Verba’ — Deeds, not Words.

Joe Reynolds & His wifeAs Chief Engineer, Joe navigates shifting schedules while supervising his crew and working within the constraints of tight budgets. Storms and stoppages at sea due to equipment failures put personnel and cargo in danger. Joe and his crew must react quickly, often in the middle of the night, to secure the safety of the ship and keep it sailing towards the next port of call.

The Merchant Marine has been an integral part of our military supply chain since our nation’s founding, and Joe has been in its service for thirty years. Resupplying our Navy’s aircraft carriers at sea, delivering Apache helicopters to the Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and shipping Mine Resistant Vehicles to the Marine Corps in Afghanistan, Joe has helped keep our military strong and our nation secure.

The ship of state is not unlike a ship on the high seas. The problems our nation faces must be solved under demanding and often adverse conditions to keep us moving forward. As your Senator, Joe will persevere to find the solutions that ensure the prosperity and safety of South Carolina and our nation. He knows this is only possible if the voices of all citizens are included, and that the conversation is not dominated by special interests. Joe promises to spend his six years in the Senate listening to you, working for you. He and his wife Denise, along with his daughter Eve, hope you will join them.

Your support is what makes it possible.