As your Republican Senator, Joe will find the solutions needed to ensure the prosperity and safety of South Carolina and our nation.

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Joe Reynolds graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in 1987 with a degree in marine engineering, and has spent his entire career at sea.

The Merchant Marine has been an integral part of our military supply chain since our nation’s founding, and Joe has been in its service for thirty years. Resupplying our Navy’s aircraft carriers at sea, delivering Apache helicopters to the Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and shipping Mine Resistant Vehicles to the Marine Corps in Afghanistan, Joe has helped keep our military strong and our nation secure.

Joe Reynolds for Senate

Joe Reynolds for US Senate

Election time is coming and the South Carolina senate race 2020 is well underway. Joe Reynolds, Republican candidate, is energized and engaged in this US Senate race in South Carolina. He brings to the table a list of fresh ideas that will benefit not only the citizens of South Carolina, but also those living throughout the United States. As a proud family man and member of the Merchant Marine, Joe Reynolds understands the needs of American families and wants to be part of the solution to better the country and move forward into a more positive future.

A Fresh Perspective for New Solutions

It’s difficult for the government to move forward for the good of the country without fresh ideas from new members of the Senate. In the past, South Carolina Senators made great strides in building upon our proud history, but it’s now time for a fresh perspective to represent the citizens of this fair state. This is why Joe Reynolds is joining the South Carolina race. It’s his goal to work hard for the people of South Carolina and this country for the next six years and then pass along his seat to the next candidate who will bring yet another fresh perspective to the government to help find the best solutions for the country as a whole, rather than sticking to the same tactics that no longer work.

Your Next US Senator from South Carolina

When you head to the polls to cast your ballot in the South Carolina senate race 2020, Joe Reynolds should be at the front of your mind. With his strong work ethic, and his experience in the Merchant Marine, you can count on him to do what’s best for the people. Browse through his stances on all the biggest topics and see why he deserves your vote.